Right Now

I’m forcing myself to talk about my right now, since lately it’s felt like a terrifying blend of too big, too scary, too much and too boring all at once. I’m sorry for the vaguery, but the Stuff that is all over my brain is not fit for public consumption. (You really are glad that I have some self-control and am not vomiting my Stuff all over the Internet. Trust me.)

Right now I’m defrosting chicken breasts and planning an evening hike with my hubby. I’m reeling from compliments at this morning’s writer’s group and praying for courage to pursue an unpopular road. I’m craving chocolate and drinking Diet Coke, hoping for sunshine and noting the misty gray skies still lingering, wishing that I had an answer to questions that are pounding at my door, seeping through the cracks in my walls, tugging on my shirt-tails and whispering in my ear.

I’m learning to be gracious and generous. I’m learning to listen to my husband and let him lead. I’m learning to say “thank you” when someone says nice things about me and my work, to brush it off when they don’t agree or get offended. I’m learning to not worry about tomorrow, to be grateful in the moment, to fix my eyes on the Author and Finisher.

Right now is a hard time. Right now is an in-between time. Right now is a beautiful time.


To Mrs Dani

Every time I get a note to “Mrs Dani” or a cute little flower-pot, my day gets ten times sunnier. Man, I love those horse-crazy kidlets. Best side-gig EVER.

therapeutic horseback ridingThe horsey art and pansies spruce up our patio nicely, too.

Please like me!

I did it, dear ones.

I made a Facebook page. A fan page. That feels strange, so help me feel validated… and… well….

like me.

Lately, I have:

  • gotten in fights on Facebook
  • eaten my weight in leftover Brownie Bites
  • made homemade burgers that were downright scrumptious
  • ridden on a duffy boat
  • gone geocaching with The Hubs
  • cried
  • laid out on the beach and gotten less-pale (I can’t really say “tanned”)
  • dealt with a severe episode of writer’s block
  • listened to a God-awfully long timeshare presentation and walked away with free loot
  • been pelted by freezing rain (yes, this is juxtaposed with my beach episode. California is having a Texan spring)
  • watched one of my little cowgirls trot a perfect spiral (so proud!)
  • cleaned my house from top to bottom (including dusting – BLEH)
  • been inspired to garden
  • not started gardening, however
  • thought about gardening
  • thought about writing
  • tried to get inspired
  • eaten more Brownie Bites instead

I’m in a funk, one that is not just in my head but is actually kind of sad. However, I am trying to think positively, to kick all this junk to the curb, to rise above and to overcome. Maybe I’ll write about what’s making me sad, or maybe I’ll just power through it. Either way, I probably need a few more Brownie Bites.

On Monday, we hung out with this face:

*Pause for awwwwwwws*

Anyhoodle, we went with this little chicita and a handful of her big kid friends on a boat and had wonderful times. Then I remembered that I have a blog and maybe I should write on it instead of just letting it sit out on the interwebs and gather dust. Also, since all of you have requested so many great shopping ideas and babies are always fun, let’s talk about that, shall we?

baby boy gifts

Speaking of boats and babies and nautical themes… isn’t this the most darling thing? My dear Kirsten, who requested this shopping theme, is actually married to a sailor-type fella and has a baby boy, so this is just so perfect it makes me SQUEE. Plus, it’s on sale! Squee again! (From justbunch on Etsy.)

baby boy Easter outfitsAlso, may I remind all of you that Easter is coming, which is the holiday designed around adorable/embarrassing baby pictures, that we can reveal in 20 years at our children’s weddings. (Theoretically, of course.) Hence, your child needs a tie. (From petitepeanut on Etsy.)

If tying a tie is just too tough for your Easter brunch plans, never fear:

baby boy easter outfit shopping(From WeChooseJoy on Etsy.) (I seriously might steal one of these babies for myself. Holy moly SO CUTE.)

But enough cutesy stuff, right? These are little boys after all, and every little boy needs to go vroom-vroom:

little boy giftMy First Harley from Toys R Us. I have a soft spot for little rough-and-tumblers, and I just might keep this one bookmarked for someday. Or I might get pregnant tomorrow. Or steal a baby. (JK! I’m a safe babysitter, promise!)

Since we’re on the subject of vroom-vroom, check this out: Tubby the Tugboat. Yup. Why don’t we play with bath toys as grownups? Also, how cute are these blankets?

Also, I’m all in favor of bedtime stories, specifically this one. (Nerd alert!)

I’ve outed myself as a nerd, so you might as well know that if and when I have a handsome little fella in our house, these pictures will be among the first things that hang in his room. (Wookie the Chew)

Also, as we have firmly established, this is a little BOY we’re talking about, who will need to go splashing in mud puddles and clamboring around in inclement weather and preparing for a life of derring-do, so obviously he needs this rain suit and these boots.

Finally, to wrap up, I looked everywhere for a little building/handyman set that would be baby-safe, and this was the best I’ve found:

natural baby toys teethingAwwww! He wants to help his daddy fix mommy’s sink and hang Wookie the Chew pictures, right?! What a guy. (From littlealouette on Etsy.)

Love. Love. Love. Hope this helps you find something fun for your little man!

Today was awfully awful. It started bad and got worse, and I really needed a pick-me-up or 20.

Hence, today’s list of things that have slowly made life worth living again:

  • Melodrama. (See above). What’s a bad day without a few tears and a bit of ol’ fashioned bosom-clasping?
  • Bosom. Because I just used it and it is a fabulous word. It’s also in the lyrics of this song, which might be the best blustery-day-driving-music on record.
  • Sweet lunchtime phone call from the Hubs, “just to chat”.
  • An hour with Hot D. It’s all sunshine and shoes and olda boys with that one.
  • Facebook. Facebook can be really awful. It can make you lonely and jealous and forlorn. It can also recreate inside jokes, give you a job and an outlet, to which people respond when you tell the online universe that you are down and out. Oh, the double-edged sword of social media.
  • Living by the ocean. It just keeps rolling, reminding me that my problems are not so huge.
  • Signs of spring.
  • Strawberry and pineapple Golden Spoon with gummy bears, brought home to me by Mr. Handsome, as a “feel-better” treat.

I guess it’s not so awful after all.

A Tale of Two Woes

I call Adam, tearfully.

Me: “I have a tale of woe. Do you want to hear it?”

Him: “Sure.”

Me, spilling out Tale of Woe with much gesticulation and, well, woe.

Him, calmly and kindly and not hysterically at all: “We’ll figure it out. We’ll see what they say. It’s OK, it’ll be fine.”


Why can’t I ever react calmly and not hysterically and more like my wise Hubs?!