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Hello friends! I haven’t shopped in a while, and I’ve been feeling weak, pale and much more apt to leap upon email-newsletter sales than normal, which means I need to do a bit of preemptive control of myself and my trusty credit card.

Hence, a shopping post! (Applause) In my opinion, Mother’s Day is on the same level as Valentine’s Day – a made-up reason to tell somebody you love that you do actually love them, especially if you don’t say it enough. Mom’s day gifts, however, are kind of fun, because they’re not particularly expected but are fun to shop for and always appreciated by our hard-working moms. Plus, a bunch of my friends have BECOME moms recently, so this post is the perfect hint to your fella: “don’t worry about getting up for the baby…. just buy me this“. (Seriously, that’s a link to something BEAUTIFUL. Hint, hint.)

We have a lot of goodies to get to today, because moms are way too easy to shop for and this is partly a list of all the things I want too and I just appreciate them so much. So let’s get shopping!

kuhn rikon mothers day

I love shopping for my mom, because we both seriously love to cook, and buying kitchen gadgets is almost as fun as using them.

This little beauty from Sur La Table would absolutely stop my herb-chopping world. It’s a knife. And it’s flexible, like a cooking gymnast.

Also, it’s only $17.95 and it’s SO PRETTY.

Speaking of cooking, check these bad boys out:

nesting mixing bowls mothers day giftsFrom vesselsandwares on Etsy. This might be the prettiest and most practical $98 you ever spend. Look at my gorgeous serving bowl! Oh, and he has two brothers that I’m making pancakes and scrambled eggs in. Yes, I am that classy.

What’s that you say? Your mom is more the wine and cocktail party type, rather than the whipping-up-breakfast-type? I can totally empathize with that, which is why we’re having breakfast for dinner tonight. Also, you should buy her this:

pottery barn gifts for momFrom Pottery Barn. I LOVE THIS. I’m fairly certain that any of the talented men in my life (Adam, my dad and my brother) could replicate this, and I’m also fairly certain that the ladies in your lives would be EVER so grateful if you did. It wouldn’t even have to be Mother’s Day. Just any ol’ time, if you want to whip this puppy up… (if you just want to go with a bottle instead of a bin, though, you should use these tags, because they are awesome.)

mothers day giftMy mom and I have different styles, but one thing that we are Very Alike About (worst grammatically terrible descriptor ever) is A) we love anything vintage, particularly anything kitchen-related, and B) we kill plants. By the dozens. So I think the above gift (from plantology on Etsy) would be perfect. Already started plants in cute containers… if we do manage to kill it, at least we can try again next year with the vintage coffee can and another budding victim, right?

Chicha, from The Emperor's New Groove

Chicha: So, what did the emperor want?
Pacha: [clears throat] Oh, you know what, he couldn’t see me.
Chicha: [angrily] Couldn’t see you? Why not?
Pacha: I don’t know.
Chicha: Well, well, that’s just rude!
Pacha: Well, he is the emperor. I’m sure he’s busy.
Chicha: No, no, no, no, no. No. Emperor or no emperor, it’s called common courtesy.
Pacha: Honey–
Chicha: If that were me, I’d march right back there and demand to see him, and you know I would!
Pacha: Sweetie, sweetie. Think of the baby.
Chicha: Pacha, I’m fine. This baby’s not coming out for while. But even if it was, I’d give that guy a piece of my mind! That kind of behavior just… just– [snorts in anger] I gotta go wash something.
This rabbit trail is brought to you by my kinship with Chicha (she totally should be considered a Disney princess, by the way) and my assertion that froofy cleaning supplies are always a welcome present, especially when they smell as good as this stuff. Every time I’m mad, I clean the house, (please no comments about calm and happy I must be feeling lately) and good smells always help assuage my tousled spirits.
But I think we need to move on to fashion, because we all have some young and fashionable moms who can rock stuff from Etsy, you know? Stuff like this:
mothers day jewelry I kind of can’t get over how much I love this necklace. Honestly. (From justexpressive on Etsy.)

Also, these are fabulous. They remind me of Costa Rica:

mother day giftsSO PRETTY. From BellaBeachJewelry on Etsy.

I’m kind of in a beachy mood, and I stumbled upon these sandals the other day and thought “this is what I’ve always longed for” then I realized how full of hyperbole my brain is. But seriously. These are really amazing – the perfect blend of trend and class, from J.Jill:

mothers day giftsFinally, we are at our last two offerings. This is a sad moment for me, because I love shopping. You probably quit reading several dumb jokes ago. Anyways, our last two are both bags, one for toting everything, and one for toting camera gear. Both are adorbs.

The one for everything.

That’s all folks! Hug a mom today!


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On Monday, we hung out with this face:

*Pause for awwwwwwws*

Anyhoodle, we went with this little chicita and a handful of her big kid friends on a boat and had wonderful times. Then I remembered that I have a blog and maybe I should write on it instead of just letting it sit out on the interwebs and gather dust. Also, since all of you have requested so many great shopping ideas and babies are always fun, let’s talk about that, shall we?

baby boy gifts

Speaking of boats and babies and nautical themes… isn’t this the most darling thing? My dear Kirsten, who requested this shopping theme, is actually married to a sailor-type fella and has a baby boy, so this is just so perfect it makes me SQUEE. Plus, it’s on sale! Squee again! (From justbunch on Etsy.)

baby boy Easter outfitsAlso, may I remind all of you that Easter is coming, which is the holiday designed around adorable/embarrassing baby pictures, that we can reveal in 20 years at our children’s weddings. (Theoretically, of course.) Hence, your child needs a tie. (From petitepeanut on Etsy.)

If tying a tie is just too tough for your Easter brunch plans, never fear:

baby boy easter outfit shopping(From WeChooseJoy on Etsy.) (I seriously might steal one of these babies for myself. Holy moly SO CUTE.)

But enough cutesy stuff, right? These are little boys after all, and every little boy needs to go vroom-vroom:

little boy giftMy First Harley from Toys R Us. I have a soft spot for little rough-and-tumblers, and I just might keep this one bookmarked for someday. Or I might get pregnant tomorrow. Or steal a baby. (JK! I’m a safe babysitter, promise!)

Since we’re on the subject of vroom-vroom, check this out: Tubby the Tugboat. Yup. Why don’t we play with bath toys as grownups? Also, how cute are these blankets?

Also, I’m all in favor of bedtime stories, specifically this one. (Nerd alert!)

I’ve outed myself as a nerd, so you might as well know that if and when I have a handsome little fella in our house, these pictures will be among the first things that hang in his room. (Wookie the Chew)

Also, as we have firmly established, this is a little BOY we’re talking about, who will need to go splashing in mud puddles and clamboring around in inclement weather and preparing for a life of derring-do, so obviously he needs this rain suit and these boots.

Finally, to wrap up, I looked everywhere for a little building/handyman set that would be baby-safe, and this was the best I’ve found:

natural baby toys teethingAwwww! He wants to help his daddy fix mommy’s sink and hang Wookie the Chew pictures, right?! What a guy. (From littlealouette on Etsy.)

Love. Love. Love. Hope this helps you find something fun for your little man!

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I know, I know.

I’m way behind. I haven’t blogged in weeks days, I’m working like crazy to cover everything I didn’t cover while Little Joe and I recovered from the Plague and plus, we still like eating, so I’m still cooking and new recipes might be joyfully taking over my life, without a care for the poor little blog.

And I owe you all much more of a shopping post than this. However, today I saw this spoon and thought, “I NEED this”. So meaningful in my life right now, in more ways than one.

From Sycamore Hill on Etsy

Also, I went on and on about cupcakes and DC and TLC and following my dreams. Clickity!

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I’m jumping aboard Gitz’s wagon train (or was it train band? train wagon? Something about a band and a train and some oxen and 1848 and everybody’s doing it. Whatever, whether I get the saying right or not, it makes no sense) and blogging for five straight minutes about what makes me feel loved.

BONUS, this will also be a list post. Because you care an awful lot about me accomplishing my blogging goals, I know.

  • Hugs at church. It’s easy to walk into to church and blend in with everybody else who are trying to look like they’re comfortable and totally know people, just not right HERE, in this corner, I mean, nevermind, let’s just leave as soon as it’s over, this is weird. It’s harder to actually make friends and feel safe and honest and get hugs. I’m so glad that we have the latter.
  • Adam makes coffee for me in the morning, and I make him a lunch. The simplicity of this quiet routine is a picture of the love in our marriage. Serve and be served. Lead and submit. Give and take. (Oh, and he’s still a great kisser, beyond all that deep, meaningful stuff.)
  • “DaniLin”  – my roommates, Katie Leigh and my mother-in-law still call me DaniLin occasionally, and it makes me feel known and loved.
  • Cards, notes, Facebook posts, blog comments, tweets. I’m a communicator. Talking and writing is how I feel loved, and there is nothing more exciting for me than meaningful words.
  • Respect. I was told this week that I “came highly recommended”. My heart went pitter-patter.
  • Family. My family talks about politics and theology and Big World Things at regular intervals, with passion and much gesticulation. My brother references our childhood and makes me laugh. My mom cooks a lot. These things are all wonderful.
  • Good gifts. I am a rockin’ awesome gift giver. Sorry to brag, but it’s really true. I LOVE shopping, and I LOVE finding the perfect thing for people. (Hence the shopping posts and the way too much fun that I am having in that department.) I also like presents, especially ones that show the depth of someone’s knowledge and care for my tastes over their own. Gifts are such powerful messages – the “gift” love language seems shallow at first glance, but I think it’s really powerful.
  • Time. There is nothing more wonderful than casual, relaxed, unorganized time. I love long walks with a good girlfriend, an afternoon spent antiquing and talking about everything and nothing, quiet camaraderie at the end of a long day, holding hands while driving, long lunches and spilled souls, reality TV and good company, long nights around a campfire and the purity of shared experience, relished inside jokes, and deep conversations easily merged into easy laughter.

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Valerie asked for a shopping post themed around gift ideas for a birthday party. Yay! I love birthday parties! Oh wait, this is not just any birthday, but a one-year-old, chubby-faced, pink-cheeked baby girl birthday.  I had to restrain myself from hugging my computer in rapture, honestly. And, I have to warn you: if I wind up pregnant tomorrow, it’s all your fault. I’M SO OVERCOME BY THE CUTENESS.


Anyhoodle, babies are cute.


baby cowboy bootsCowbaby boots, is what they are called. MY LORD. $29.99 from Shepler’s. So what that I can buy myself shoes that take 10 times the material for that price? They’re heart-meltingly cute, and so fitting for a Texas baby, since you all ride your horses to school or ride tumbleweeds for fun or whatever.

Want something a bit more girly, and more realistic for a hot Texas summer? If this doesn’t say “cutest baby in Galveston” I don’t know what does:

baby swimsuit$22.50 from Amazon. Does this come in my size?

Rolling right along with the beach theme, I think you need this number from Pottery Barn Kids. Not just a towel and not merely a robe, but BOTH, TOGETHER. (I also picked this for the hula girls. Fond remembrances of Molly, the American Girl? Anyone?)

little girl beach towelSince it is a birthday, every birthday girl should get a shirt proclaiming how special she is. (Click through to modernfrills on Etsy for the full awesomeness) Behold:baby girl birthday ideas

Plus, it features a cake stand! My heart, it explodes.

On a budget? Say no more, but click on these sparkly, oh-so-small-and-thus-cute flip-flops for only $10.99:

Speaking of sparkles, you know who is a close relative of Sparkles? Ruffles. You know who loves Ruffles? Baby butts.

That’s right, boys and girls, you will never have imagined this, but I have found a company called “RuffleButts” and I am actually not turned off at all, but will probably end up buying something. And getting pregnant. This is how mushy my brain is after a few hours of baby shopping. BUT IT’S ALL SO CUTE.

Speaking of, um, heart explosions and logic fallacies and making babies, I had to include this. I know the birthday girl is not a newborn. But it’s almost worth having a baby, just to get one of these in your possession: (From knitwitwoolies on Etsy)

baby hatsAwwwwwwwwrrrrr, woook at dose baby toezzzz!

Ahem. ‘Scuse me. Hi guys, glad you’re still here.

Alrighty then.

My friends who have babies tell me that anything with these ribbon tabs on them makes babies very happy. So, I found one shaped like an owl, because I like owls. ($12.95 from canelajoy on Etsy.)

baby toyNow that we’ve moved on to toys, I have to show you something that is just fetching:

Nevermind. I can’t. But you should go to Lillian Vernon and see their fabric tea set because it made me want to have tea parties with my teddy bears and the Queen and my less-than-enthusiastic little brother.

Tea with the Queen? How about tea with a really weird-looking horror movie? No? How about with the most adorable toy you’ve ever seen?

I’m IN LOVE with this Little Red Riding Hood. I’m kind of tempted to buy her, just in case somebody has a baby girl and really needs her. You can never be too prepared you know.

From violastudio on Etsy:

baby dolls and toys handmadeOK, and I just have one last thing. Even though I have ooohed and aaaaahed and made a fool of myself this entire post, I do have to keep up a certain level of appearances. You know, us girls with no babies are never the first to hold them and we all talk about our ignorance with regard to such things, as a matter of pride. So, it is my duty to provide you with at least one snarky gift amongst the crowd of bows and frills:

funny baby giftYou’re welcome. Did I do this subject justice? Tell me what I should tackle in Part Deux or validate my oooohs and aaaaaahs in the comments.

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Well, well. Once again, you have asked, and I have answered, with what might be the most fun request yet. I had a little too much fun looking at lamps, actually, and decided that I had to narrow it down to desk lamps only, lest my faithful readers fall asleep half-way through a 20 -page post on the prettiest/cutest/awesomest lamps ever. (But still. 20 pages would have been a bit much, even if they were the BEST EVER.)

So, my dears, without further ado… let’s get lit!

desk lamp designer tipsI love color, especially greens and blues that look like the ocean. Also, this gorgeous number from ZGallerie would go PERFECTLY in my office, so of course I loves it. SO shapely! So classy! So over $100! No matter. It’s pretty.

You know what else would go great in our beach house? This Tiki Mermaid Lamp from Lamps Plus:

mermaid tiki lamp beach house decorIt’s so funky and fun! I can totally see this in a summer house bedroom or on the wall at a local coffee joint just moments from the beach. It makes me want to leave this land of IP addresses and computer screens behind and go get me a tan. Who wants a Mai Tai?

Sticking with my theme of seaside bliss (nevermind that it’s currently 50 degrees and I’m chattering about the house in a sweatshirt, let me have my dreams of summer, dangit) I love this from PBTeen:

beach themed lampsIt looks like sea-glass! I actually saw something similar to this, made with upcycled bottlecaps at a local boutique and that was fab, too. It looks like mermaid hair, or clean, cartoon seaweed. Love.

Ok, now we’re going to switch gears. As much as I love the ocean, I also love travel and reading the works of Dead White Men and arguing about politics and being a cowgirl, so obviously I need a desk lamp that says all of those things about me, because that’s what lamps are for. Or, perhaps, I’ll just return to my childhood:

bankers lampA lamp very similar to this one sat on my mom and dad’s desk for very nearly my entire life, and I LOVE IT. It’s apparently called a “Banker’s Lamp” which explains why my parents had it, since my dad has a degree in Economics. “Here you are, son, your diploma and a lamp that tells everyone you understand money. Welcome to the adult world!” I’m pretty sure that’s how it wound up in our house, but not in yours, because nowadays you don’t get a degree unless you finance your unborn children and then you have to go buy your own light source. Inflation, suckers!


Where was I? Oh yes. Light. Well, if you want light, but maybe more for mood-creating than actual work-doing, this might be the solution for you.

fake candle lightThis might also be good if you want to burn candles but are afraid of falling asleep and burning your house down or exploding said candle because of poor container choices. Both of those have either happened or almost happened to me, so I might be wise to take a field trip to Home Depot today.

Also, in the mood-lighting section, check out this beauty from czechpub on Etsy:

paris desk lampI don’t have anything else to say. It’s just LOVELY.

What was the other thing I mentioned about myself? Oh yes, politics and Dead White Guys. Well, this says just about everything on both subjects, does it not? (From lampshadestudio on Etsy)

pretty lampshadeI also love this Mission-style lamp from Carolina Rustica. I think some truly inspired prose could flow from under it’s warm glow, don’t you think?

desk lamp mission styleAnd finally, I had to find a lamp that spoke to my reverence for the Second Amendment and my love of cowpokes. Behold:

cowboy lampFrom Crow’s Nest Trading, sold for a paltry $390. BUT IT COMES WITH SPURS, my loves. I’m entranced, of course.

Hope this list was helpful, Hannah… if not, ask again and I will toil to find yet another selection of lamps, next time perhaps I can focus less onmy own narcissism and more on YOU. Ciao, dear ones! Be well lit and studious!

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I GOT A REQUEST! You, my people, as much as I love you all, are not always forthcoming when I ask for suggestions and advice, HOWEVER, the lovely Elanor asked me to go searching for hooks for her and her daughter’s aprons, I was all over it.

See, my people? You ask, I give. That’s me, I’m a giver.

Alrighty, then, on to the shopping!

Since the request was for a kitchen-related hook… this lovely number from Anthropologie would be darling:

anthropologie silverware key rack wall hookRight? Silverware? Kitchens? Aprons? It all fits the theme and it makes me want to just dance with happiness! (It’s $40, but think about all the bending of spoons that you won’t have to do!)

Speaking of the whole DIY route, check out these starfish hangars from Etsy, or this KILLER lightbulb from Apartment Therapy, below:

DIY wall hangarsBut you don’t want DIY, do you? This is a shopping blog-post after all. Let’s buy stuff!

I actually own a couple of these babies. In my bower, I used them for towels in my itty-bitty bathroom. Since I moved in here with Adam over two years ago, it’s very normal that these are still stashed next to my dresser instead of hung up somewhere being cute. Nothing like a blog to shame somebody into a little home improvement! Anyhoodle, they’re from Pier One and totes adorbs and only $14.95!

pier one wall hangarsOf course, I also love these from Live Wire Farm. I am a woodsy kinda girl, and these make me want to grow tomatoes and make giant cauldrons of soup for a boisterous family of hungry boys.

handmade wooden hooksSpeaking of being woodsy, I’m also an unabashed cowgirl. These might be overkill for an apron, but who says you can’t brand your kitchen? $18 each from Sundance (and they can be personalized! Extra snazzy.)

brand wall hooksOK, and this one from benfloeter on Etsy was just too kitschy and fun to pass up. You know how I love me some facial hair, so why not put it on my wall?! If it’s good enough to kiss, it’s good enough to hang aprons on, I always say.

moustache key hookAgain, too big for aprons, I know. BUT SO CLASSY. This looks like something from a grown-up house, and I likes it. (Also, it’s priced like something from a grown-up house, but nevermind that. $89.95 from Plow and Hearth.)

mirrored wall hookOK, these last couple I couldn’t get pictures for. But Soda Fountain hooks! Puhleeeeze buy dem. Also, Anthro’s slightly tattered little sister, Urban Outfitters, has a couple of cuties too. (And they have flowers. Bonus!)

Oh, and one last one. This doesn’t work for anything I was entrusted to find, but it is beeeeeyooooootifull. It’s a ski rack. An antique, honest-to-goodness ski rack. I don’t even ski and I think this is the most amazing thing I have ever wanted to spend my entire grocery budget on. Oh, Eddie Bauer, you are a sassy, woodsy, flannel-clad vixen.

ski rack coat rackOk, peeps, it’s all you all over again. What would you like me to shop for next?! I will breathlessly awaiting your suggestions, as will my credit cards.

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